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Adecco case study:

The Adecco Group – Creating technical training manuals for a global business where people are key

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Sector: Technology
Project: Software training manuals
Language(s): French, Spanish, Italian, English
Quote: “You didn’t just translate our words, you checked the source documents, read and understood them to ensure that the end user would get the best result too. This was an added bonus for us and really helped”.
The Adecco Group, based in Zürich, is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company. Their services help people exceed their potential, building employability and connecting people with opportunities.

The company recently undertook a large marketing transformation, rolling out shared service centres and centres of excellence across their global offices. Part of this transformation involved the implementation of global software at their 50 locations, to be provided in the operators’ native languages for maximum user acceptance.

The translation and proofreading of 167 pages of technical manuals in PPT and PDF format into French, Spanish and Italian for a client who had not previously engaged a translation company for support. The text contained repetitions, references to software buttons, other guides and articles, as well as a large number of screenshots to be cross-referenced.

We completed a style guide upfront together with our client. This covered higher-level aspects such as the objective of the content and the target audience, but also the more granular aspects, such as how to handle software references within the text. Our client’s instructions were then shared with all ecls translators and proofreaders across the different language combinations to ensure quality and consistency.

We pre-formatted the files so that they could be translated within our translation software, resulting in a cost saving of 10%. We also carefully checked that all text corresponded to the screenshots, querying any non-conformities and sharing with all language teams to make sure any changes were implemented consistently. 

Our open communication throughout the project helped guide our client through their first translation project and ensured the highest quality of the final product. Our client’s feedback was that we were “really helpful and honest” and that our “expertise and advice were extremely beneficial.”

The additional review of the source documents made sure the end user derived the best result too, ensuring maximum user acceptance of the new software across our client’s global offices.

Netflix 2

Transcreation case study:

Helping attract viewers in their millions

Location: California, USA
Sector: Entertainment
Project: Transcreation of film titles
Language(s): French, German, English

Quote: “Seeing the titles we localised on our client’s live catalogue, knowing we had helped introduce the films and shows to English-speaking audiences across the globe, was one of our proudest moments!”

With headquarters in the USA, our client is the world’s largest and most popular entertainment streaming service with over 200 million subscribers across the globe.

Our ongoing work involves French to English transcreation of film titles, interviews, scripts, marketing trailers and on-screen text to reach English-speaking viewers.
To attract and inspire audiences, our French to English translations must feel local and relevant to subscribers, and film titles must be aligned to the relevant film genres.

Creativity, cultural sensitivity and thorough research allow us to produce quality French to English translations that are culturally relevant, clear and captivating for subscribers.
We also use global English to appeal to an international audience and research
reliable industry sources to check for duplicate film titles, avoiding potential IP issues.

English-speaking viewers now have access to hugely popular shows viewed by over 70 million subscribers. Our client is able to bring French films and series to English-speaking audiences across the globe, while making their customer experience simple yet exciting.


Marketing case study:

Opening up new markets for the world's largest multinational tech company

Location: California, USA
Sector: Advertising / e-commerce
Project: AdWords and keywords 
Language(s): French, German, English

Quote: “It’s very rare to find such an organised team, with 100% on-time delivery and a service score of 99.33/100 for German to English translations.” 

Our client is a technology giant, providing over 50 internet services – including search engine technology, online advertising, computer software and e-commerce – used by over a billion people worldwide.

The translation and proofreading of paid search ads and keywords for our client’s advertising customers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and Canada. Our team provide regular, high-volume translations from German and French to UK and US English, all within 48-hour turnaround times. We also have to absorb and share a huge amount of reference material on an ongoing basis while providing top-quality translations.

ecls onboarded and trained seven of our translators with excellent research and creativity skills. We created a crib sheet listing important instructions and collated feedback for future ad translations, speeding up the translation process and ensuring consistency. Our team translated over 100,000 words within the client’s software environment in the first few weeks of the partnership.

Thanks to our translation services, our client now provides new customers with high-quality, tailored and fast translations to increase site traffic and boost international sales. Our client is thrilled with our translation service with a latest service score of 99.33/100 for German to US English translations. ecls has helped boost our client’s reputation in new German and French-speaking markets, with increased customer retention and rocketing global ad sales.



Client testimonial

Working with Emma and ECLS Translations has been an outstanding experience. Their team’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to excellence have made a significant impact on our organization. Having had the opportunity to collaborate with various team members, I can confidently say that they are an exceptional partner.

Working with Emma has been an absolute pleasure. Her team members are not only highly skilled and knowledgeable in their respective languages but also possess a strong commitment to deliver a top-notch product. From the very beginning, they demonstrated a high level of professionalism, effective communication, and a genuine desire to understand and meet our specific needs. Their collaborative approach, coupled with their willingness to adapt and accommodate changes, made the entire working process smooth and efficient.

The impact of working with ECLS has been transformative for our organization. Their simple and straightforward workflow has significantly enhanced our operations, resulting in improved efficiency and productivity. Their attention to detail and commitment to delivering high-quality results have undoubtedly elevated our performance and allowed us to meet our KPIs consistently, even when others had failed.

Without a doubt, I would gladly work with Emma and her company again in the future. They have consistently exceeded our expectations, demonstrating a deep understanding of our goals and the complicated processes that they needed to follow. I look forward to future collaborations and wholeheartedly recommend them as a reliable and professional partner.

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Manufacturing case study:

Optimising employee training across borders for increased sales

Location: Dornbirn, Austria
Sector: Manufacturing
Project: Training documents
Language(s): German, English

Quote: “The training materials’ accuracy, precision and consistency will empower sales staff to make authoritative recommendations to customers, ultimately increasing global sales.”

Our Austrian client is an international supplier of specialist lighting solutions. A lighting innovator, they provide bespoke lighting for industries ranging from hospitality to education and retail. With sustainability at the forefront, the company aspires to create the best light for people and the environment.

We had just a few days to translate a highly technical 150-slide presentation for internal staff training. Designed for English-speaking employees, the aid aimed to give them expert knowledge to assist customers. The training covered diverse industries and lighting solutions with references to standards, regulations, certificates and official regulatory bodies. Alongside the highly technical terminology, we also had to consider formatting and the presentation’s strong visual component.

Careful, targeted research using reliable sources allowed us to translate complicated concepts accurately. We followed our client’s preferred formatting approach to produce a presentation within brand guidelines and computer-aided translation software helped us deliver a flawless translation within the tight timescale.

High-quality training materials for staff, leading to increased sales, employee confidence and satisfied customers. English-speaking employees are now lighting experts and can talk to clients with authority. Carefully researched translation prevents costly mistakes being made, and our client now has a valuable future training resource.