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Team Culture

the words that unite us

Our award-winning team of native translators, proofreaders and project managers work tirelessly in pursuit of our shared purpose: delivering the highest quality translations to ensure you exceed your international communication, sales and expansion goals.


Working with businesses exporting their products and services overseas, copywriting agencies and embassies, as well as world-leading Language Service Providers, the ecls team has over 150 years of combined experience in the fields of manufacturing, technology and marketing. Our passion for delivering customer excellence means always leading with integrity and simplicity.


If you are looking to boost sales of your products and services overseas, to better understand your customers, or train and communicate with internal stakeholders around the world, our dedicated team will help to maximise your impact across all communications.

Marketing translation

words to connect, captivate and inspire

The translation of your brand message to overseas markets directly impacts your bottom line. Tailoring well-written copy to different markets not only enhances your reputation and grows your business, it avoids the kind of mistakes made by some of the world’s best-known brands.


From website content and press releases, to blog articles and product descriptions, our adaptable, cost-effective and responsive team acts as an extension to yours. Our approach saves the cost of hiring in-house teams in multiple languages and regions, as well as the time it takes to coordinate multiple projects.


We also specialise in Transcreation, a service that sits at the intersection of translation and copywriting. With our cultural expertise and creative skills, we’re able to adapt your marketing materials (or other creative content) and transform them into works that strike a chord with intended audiences. Our transcreation customers include international giants for whom we regularly transcreate film titles.

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words of substance

Our team of professional, native translators and proofreaders are carefully selected according to ISO standard criteria, and further qualified by ecls’ proprietary testing, onboarding and training procedures.


We’re continuously optimising our processes to ensure we quickly understand your business and its unique challenges. Our team has established tailored style guides, quality checklists and frameworks, all supported by industry-leading technologies to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Technical translation

words to optimise, inform and grow

We've translated content from complex ticketing programs for French football clubs, to missions to Mars, each time ensuring that information translated is of the highest accuracy. Our team specialises in the fields of technology and manufacturing, where our native speakers combine their expertise in specialist subject areas to translate content ranging from press machines and lighting manufacturing, to tyres and telecommunications.


We understand the importance of the utmost precision when working with technical texts such as user manuals, product brochures and training documentation. Whether you need to comply with legal requirements, protect your staff, or educate and inform users, our team ensures your material is translated with accuracy, fluency and consistency. All the while adhering to your unique style requirements, helping you break into new markets, win clients around the world and increase international sales.

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of consumers prefer purchasing products with information in their own language (CSA Research)


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boost in sales due to localisation are not unusual (Harvard Business Review)


customer reviews


of B2B buyers consider it ‘important’ or ‘very important’ to have sales materials in their own language (Forrester)