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Adecco case study:

The Adecco Group – Creating technical training manuals for a global business where people are key

Location: Zürich, Switzerland
Sector: Technology
Project: Software training manuals
Language(s): French, Spanish, Italian, English
Quote: “You didn’t just translate our words, you checked the source documents, read and understood them to ensure that the end user would get the best result too. This was an added bonus for us and really helped”.
The Adecco Group, based in Zürich, is the world’s leading talent advisory and solutions company. Their services help people exceed their potential, building employability and connecting people with opportunities.

The company recently undertook a large marketing transformation, rolling out shared service centres and centres of excellence across their global offices. Part of this transformation involved the implementation of global software at their 50 locations, to be provided in the operators’ native languages for maximum user acceptance.

The translation and proofreading of 167 pages of technical manuals in PPT and PDF format into French, Spanish and Italian for a client who had not previously engaged a translation company for support. The text contained repetitions, references to software buttons, other guides and articles, as well as a large number of screenshots to be cross-referenced.

We completed a style guide upfront together with our client. This covered higher-level aspects such as the objective of the content and the target audience, but also the more granular aspects, such as how to handle software references within the text. Our client’s instructions were then shared with all ecls translators and proofreaders across the different language combinations to ensure quality and consistency.

We pre-formatted the files so that they could be translated within our translation software, resulting in a cost saving of 10%. We also carefully checked that all text corresponded to the screenshots, querying any non-conformities and sharing with all language teams to make sure any changes were implemented consistently. 

Our open communication throughout the project helped guide our client through their first translation project and ensured the highest quality of the final product. Our client’s feedback was that we were “really helpful and honest” and that our “expertise and advice were extremely beneficial.”

The additional review of the source documents made sure the end user derived the best result too, ensuring maximum user acceptance of the new software across our client’s global offices.

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