Netflix 2

Transcreation case study:

Helping attract viewers in their millions

Location: California, USA
Sector: Entertainment
Project: Transcreation of film titles
Language(s): French, German, English

Quote: “Seeing the titles we localised on our client’s live catalogue, knowing we had helped introduce the films and shows to English-speaking audiences across the globe, was one of our proudest moments!”

With headquarters in the USA, our client is the world’s largest and most popular entertainment streaming service with over 200 million subscribers across the globe.

Our ongoing work involves French to English transcreation of film titles, interviews, scripts, marketing trailers and on-screen text to reach English-speaking viewers.
To attract and inspire audiences, our French to English translations must feel local and relevant to subscribers, and film titles must be aligned to the relevant film genres.

Creativity, cultural sensitivity and thorough research allow us to produce quality French to English translations that are culturally relevant, clear and captivating for subscribers.
We also use global English to appeal to an international audience and research
reliable industry sources to check for duplicate film titles, avoiding potential IP issues.

English-speaking viewers now have access to hugely popular shows viewed by over 70 million subscribers. Our client is able to bring French films and series to English-speaking audiences across the globe, while making their customer experience simple yet exciting.

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