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Manufacturing case study:

Optimising employee training across borders for increased sales

Location: Dornbirn, Austria
Sector: Manufacturing
Project: Training documents
Language(s): German, English

Quote: “The training materials’ accuracy, precision and consistency will empower sales staff to make authoritative recommendations to customers, ultimately increasing global sales.”

Our Austrian client is an international supplier of specialist lighting solutions. A lighting innovator, they provide bespoke lighting for industries ranging from hospitality to education and retail. With sustainability at the forefront, the company aspires to create the best light for people and the environment.

We had just a few days to translate a highly technical 150-slide presentation for internal staff training. Designed for English-speaking employees, the aid aimed to give them expert knowledge to assist customers. The training covered diverse industries and lighting solutions with references to standards, regulations, certificates and official regulatory bodies. Alongside the highly technical terminology, we also had to consider formatting and the presentation’s strong visual component.

Careful, targeted research using reliable sources allowed us to translate complicated concepts accurately. We followed our client’s preferred formatting approach to produce a presentation within brand guidelines and computer-aided translation software helped us deliver a flawless translation within the tight timescale.

High-quality training materials for staff, leading to increased sales, employee confidence and satisfied customers. English-speaking employees are now lighting experts and can talk to clients with authority. Carefully researched translation prevents costly mistakes being made, and our client now has a valuable future training resource.

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