ecls’ application to join the Department for Business and Trade’s Investment Support Directory a success

We are delighted to have started the New Year as a member of the DBT’s Investment Support Directory. The Directory comprises a collection of companies with the skills and experience to support overseas businesses to set up or expand in the UK.


Hosted on the website, the online platform connects international investors with UK-based service businesses, providing a tool for potential investors to search for support and find experts according to the specific industry, region, experience and language expertise.


The platform, often used by British embassies and consulates as a starting point to connect international investors with professionals in the UK, is making information more accessible and has been designed to help drive foreign direct investment into all corners of the UK.


With its business-friendly environment, robust infrastructure, one of the largest (world-class) labour forces in Europe and its open, liberal economy, the UK is an outstanding place to invest as well as being a straightforward market in which to start and expand a business.


Since 2016, we have been supporting businesses in countries including Germany, France, Belgium, Switzerland and the USA from the technology, manufacturing and marketing sectors to expand, diversify and gain access to new resources and technologies around the world.


We’re thrilled to be included in the DBT’s Directory and for the opportunity to increase our visibility to foreign investors and to support them in achieving their international expansion goals with our first-class translation service.


ecls' profile within the DBT's Investment Support Directory can be found here:


For more information on the support available, please contact our team at – we'd be delighted to explore how we can help.


Why should marketers care about translation?

As a marketing professional, you spend hours, if not months, developing marketing campaigns and messages. It costs a LOT of money, involving pricey ad agencies and brand consultants. 

Your marketing campaign was a roaring success in the UK. You’ve got lots of new
customers; socials are buzzing with talk about your brand; your press coverage is off the scale; sales have rocketed. 

But you launched the same campaign in your international target markets, and it fell flat on its face. A journalist said your translations didn’t make sense; you offended your target market because you didn’t consider their culture, and you’re the laughing stock of the trade press. 

Why did your campaign fail? You didn’t use a professional translation service.

How to make friends and influence people

Some businesses don’t even translate their marketing materials before they launch their product in a new country. Sales suffer, and they fail to get a foothold in their international markets.

A 2020 report by CSA research said that 40% of global customers never buy a product or service if it’s not in their language. 65% prefer to read content in their native language, even if it’s a bad quality translation, and 67% tolerate websites containing mixed languages.

Customers deserve a better experience. What if ALL businesses provided translations that inspired and captivated customers around the world? Increased profits and reputation and a new legion of loyal and engaged customers.


Helping customers understand your brand

High-quality translation should be your number one priority if you want your product or service to succeed in your international target markets. A successful marketing campaign works if it plays on emotion and if it aligns with the values of your chosen market. Get it right, and you’ll break into new territories, increase international sales and win new clients. Get it wrong, and you’ve lost thousands of potential customers and dented your reputation.  

Combining translation and creativity, transcreation uses creative licence to help you maximise your marketing campaigns by using appropriate and culture-relevant content. A professional translation agency translates content AND ideas, aided by its hawk-like knowledge of different cultures and values.

Keeping your marketing message consistent

Professional translators, like our team at ecls translations, are not only native
speakers in their specialist language and experts in their subject; they’re passionate about culture, and understand nuances and the importance of a consistent, global brand message.  

Professional translations cover a massive range of marketing materials, including websites, product descriptions, social content, emails, digital magazines, press releases, brochures, and online search ads...the list is endless. Translators weave your marketing messages throughout all your campaign material, ensuring your intent, tone, and calls to action are as consistent on your website as in your press releases.

Translation protects your business

Marketing needs to be clear and concise, especially when you’re using terminology relating to manufacturing. Imagine an informative blog post telling a customer how to replace the ink in an industrial printer. But there was one small problem: the blog was poorly translated, or not at all. Your customer is injured, and legal action is heading your way.  

Investing in a professional translator helps to mitigate risk, protects your reputation and saves you costly legal fees in the future. Most importantly, marketing translation shows you care about your customers.

Connecting with your audience through colour

Translators consider every element of your translation. Experts in their native language and country, experienced translators have comprehensive knowledge of its history, politics and humour.


They even understand the power of using the right colours to appeal to specific countries. Take orange. In western countries such as Germany and France, orange is associated with autumn and warm weather, while it signifies mourning in the Middle East.


Tempted by free translation tools? Think again

Ever seen a beautiful website with what looks like a fantastic product, only for poorly translated words to let it down? Auto-translated words usually don’t make sense and can sometimes be downright baffling! We often read websites where it’s evident they’ve used a free, online translation tool to translate their website. 

At ecls translations, we offer post-editing services, which combine the speed of
machine translation with the intuition and expertise of human translators. This can be a useful tool if your budget is tight or a large volume of text needs to be translated quickly.

Saying that, nothing beats human translation. Hiring a professional to translate and proofread your marketing materials means your customers will enjoy top-quality content, ultimately increasing sales and building global loyalty.

In conclusion: If you want to enter international markets, using a professional
translation agency will help you break new ground, grow your business and help you win clients. Now, who doesn’t want that? 

Sources: Statistics from “Can’t Read, Won’t Buy” - a report by CSA Research.